Igniter100 is proud to announce its investment in Payoneer. The company has been on a steady path for future growth and profitability as they become more integrated with other companies around the world, helping individuals and companies grow and prosper, while also allowing igniter100 to integrate Payoneer into their existing portfolio of companies, streamlining the transaction process and giving clients a better experience overall, keeping millions of subscriptions and clients happy working with all the companies Igniter100 has invested in.

Payoneer, a fintech services company with more than 1,500 employees worldwide, Payoneer helps individuals and businesses of any size, anywhere in the world to access avenues of future growth by letting businesses and individuals connect globally as if they are meeting locally. Originally started in 2005 in New York,  Payoneer went on to become one of the world’s pioneers in digital payment services, online money transfers and provides clients with working capital to further help keep companies of all sizes compete in the modern business world.

Payoneer uses the latest technology, financial compliance and infrastructure to deliver fast, easy, and reliable financial services across the world, including working capital, cross- border payments and tax optimization services for individuals and companies who may operate in more than one country. Payoneer helps startups and entrepreneurs all around the world, in developed markets and emerging markets. Payoneer also works with world-famous, established companies as well, such as Fiverr, Amazon, Google, Airbnb and Wish, to give the entrepreneurs on their platform a means to better streamline their payments processing and transactions.

For Igniter100, Payoneer is an incredibly strategic investment in several ways. Since Igniter100 is a company that specializes in fintech startups, investing in Payoneer is a perfect way for igniter100 to integrate the company’s payments structure, money transfers and financial infrastructure to help the other companies they have invested in such as YouRent, where current and future tenants can use Payoneer to pay their monthly balance, making it easier and quicker for Igniter100 to receive payments and will allow the millions of clients that use BizPad to reliably use Payoneer for their services.